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We know a photograph will be in your family for a very long time, therefore our primary objective is to make our clients happy and to capture those special moments that you and your loves ones will remember forever. Together we will work with you to create a beautiful portrait that will enhance that special moment. "Time is money", therefore prior to any photo session, we offer a free consultation to understand and review your exact objective.

We perform most of our photo sessions outdoors. Our view is outdoor locations provides a unique setting that you wouldn't normally get in a studio setting.

Depending on the type of image you wish to capture you can choose a unique venue or we can choose a special location such as a park, city backdrop, beach etc. Due to the fact that we shoot most of our photography outdoors for optimal light we shoot at around 6pm in the summer or 3:30PM in the winter.

If this is your first professional photo session, don't worry, we will guide you during the shoot to capture you at your best.

After the photo session, images will be available to you within 24hrs on the website for final selection. Once selections are made, your chosen image(s) can be retouched to show you at your best. Your final choices will be retouched and available for download and or prints via the website.

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